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The Detail

My work is a combination of craft, technology and creativity. It is important to me that the designs retain a hand-crafted feel, that despite being made for industrial mass-production it has been touched, styled and created by hand. I love the subtleties and details that can only be achieved in a crafted way. It’s about going the extra mile to achieve the best result.

…. Dinah has an extremely professional approach and has been easy to work with across a number of projects. Great communication and an asset to the team….

Regan Iglesia, Senior Vice President, Waterford Wedgwood USA


My designs are commissioned or licensed to companies worldwide. I work in a variety of ways for a broad range of clients. My design work takes me to trade shows & design meetings around the world giving me a global perspective on markets and trends.

Depending on the client and the brief I may be using gouache, watercolour, pen and ink, pencil or working directly on the mac.

….Dinah’s artwork was exactly what we were looking for, beautifully hand drawn and delicately styled across the range….

Lisa Archambault, Design Director for Annie Falk




My studio has the software and the skills to craft your designs into 3D prototypes. An excellent way of seeing your final designs in detail and to present them to your customers or manufacturers… you get a true feel for the product before committing to production costs.

….having worked with Dinah over several years her prototypes have proved invaluable when discussing new products with the salesforce and buyers….

Richard Eaton, Design Director, Denby Pottery Ltd


With an extensive knowledge of manufacturing and production we can help you design and plan your range from concept through to production.

“I was asked by Loveramics to come up with concepts that would suit their brand ethos. Putting together a series of concepts we discussed ideas at every stage to ensure that the product was on brand and on track before finalising the design. ”