Dinah Body



Dinah Body is a commercially successful designer with an established international reputation.

Dinah established her UK based design studio in 2006, creating beautifully crafted decorative designs for some of the most prestigious companies and designer brands.

With her focus on innovative design and commercial success Dinah has designed some of the top selling patterns in the market place. Her design studio creates inspirational and vibrant designs that answer the design brief, reflecting each brand she works with. Drawing on a wealth of experience, frequently referencing traditional and historical detail, the studio’s designs often combine the influences of the past with a twist of modernity to make desirable, enduring products for today and the future.

A selection of the clients Dinah has worked for over the years includes: Marc Jacobs, Waterford, Monsoon, Denby, Lenox, Marchesa, Vera Wang, Wedgwood as well as some of the best stationery companies.